Best new year resolutions for healthy skin

Looking forward to a positive, glorious 2021 without looking back at the difficult year we have all endured.  Now, new year, new goals for gorgeous, glowing skin!

Self-care is an important and powerful tool for stress release.  Besides the obvious time we set aside to do something good for ourselves, there is also a strong sense of accomplishment in performing beauty rituals at home; both have great effects on emotional well-being and decreasing stress hormones. Let’s give our lives and cabinets an update, throwing away the old and starting with a clean slate.


Away with the old:

When cleaning the cabinet, keep in mind that beauty products also have an expiration date. Check the ‘Period After Opening’ symbol, which is the number of months the product can be used after opening it, before it expires. Sometimes it’s quite hard to remember when a product was first opened which is a clear sign that it’s time for it to go! Getting rid of old, unused products is a fantastic skincare resolution starting point but be mindful of waste. Recycle expired products and keep the ones that are still in date. However, never forget to check the ingredient list get rid of products including parabens, artificial fragrances and silicones (all MZ Skin products are free from those).


In with the new:

When it comes to skincare, having glowing, clear skin is most people’s primary goal. Some have been gifted with the luck of great genetics; others struggle to find the right products to achieve their goals. There are a few easy habits to adopt in the new year to make this transition faster.

Setting reasonable objectives can help making 2021 the year where resolutions truly stick:

  1. Reveal : never forget to cleanse the skin (and make sure you clean your make up brushes too!)
  2. Enhance: use powerful antioxidants, drink more water to keep skin hydrated
  3. Protect: apply your SPF every single day

Spend some time educating yourself on skincare ingredients, their benefits and how to use them properly. For example, it is a very common misconception that SPF should be applied only in the summer, when the sun shines. On the contrary, UV rays are able to penetrate through the thickest clouds, making protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays critical daily, with rain and sunshine.

One important resolution for 2021 includes treating your complexion to an excellent anti-pollution skincare routine. Start by cleansing the skin with MZ Skin Cleanse & Clarify Dual Action AHA Cleanser & Mask , using the MZ Skin Natural Konjac Sponge to remove make-up and debris, and rinse thoroughly. Along with UV rays, environmental pollution is a major cause of premature ageing of the skin around the eyes. In order to counteract these effects, the use of MZ Skin Anti-Pollution Illuminating Eye Mask in the anti-pollution skincare routine acts as a shield against environmental stressors and urban pollutants. Another fantastic product to brighten and energise the complexion is the MZ Skin Anti-Pollution Illuminating Face Mask . Keep the mask on the face for 15 minutes, then after removing it don’t forget to massage the remaining serum into the skin for maximum absorption. There are three main anti-pollution skincare benefits to this treatment: it shields skin from infrared, UV and blue light damage, it provides instant and long-lasting hydration and it reduces inflammation thanks to its vitamin C. This step of the anti-pollution skincare routine acts as a preventive measure against the effects of polluted air.

Treating the skin to a gentle exfoliation is another effective way to remedy a dull complexion. The MZ Skin Radiance & Renewal Instant Clarity Refining Mask gently exfoliates and stimulates cell turnover to restore a healthy glow. The use of this deeply exfoliating mask twice a week can instantly revive dull, tired skin.


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