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BYRDIE features Radiance & Renewal for Pigmentation

“The best way to brighten and even out an irregular complexion is with regular exfoliation, and this mask is ideal, as there is no abrasive scrubbing needed. With 10% AHAs (natural exfoliating acids) and Carica Papaya, which aids luminosity, this product was developed by a dermatologist to combat her own skin concerns (pigmentation), so you know it’s going to be a good one.” – Becci Vallis, BYRDIE

Pigmentation (or discolouration in the skin) is a common problem that is mostly caused by extended sun exposure. Some people may be more prone to pigmentation than others and for them, prevention is key! This means daily use of SPF, with constant re-application. However, sometimes even with all the prevention techniques, we may fall victim to this condition. In this case, we have to be extremely careful with our treatment methods. Read Dr. Zamani’s personal tips on combating pigmentation here.

BYRDIE recommends using Radiance & Renewal Instant Clarity Refining Mask. This newly launched product is perfect for the fall season because it helps tackle all post-summer skincare issues that we may face. Exfoliating with this mask twice a week will not just help battle pigmentation, but also brighten tired, dull skin.

Credits: Byrdie.
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