Retinol QA pp

All of Your Retinol Questions, Answered

There have been decades of research done to test the potency of Vitamin A derivatives in relation to skincare. However, there remains a degree of confusion surrounding the use of Retinol, which primarily steams from the abundance of misinformed sources spread and lack of education on how to use this ingredient safely and effectively. In […]

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pig pp

The Pigmentation Issue: Post Sun Recovery Routine

2020 has been tough but summer fun was not cancelled! Despite everything going on in the world, most of us managed steal a little time for ourselves in the sun. Despite strong SPF, protective clothing and good skin care regimens, the skins of photo damage caused by the UV rays can become more pronounced and […]

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Avoid bad skin from wearing a Mask

Maskne Struggle: How to Avoid Bad Skin from Wearing a Mask

With COVID-19, wearing a mask in public is the new normal. While we know masks help reduce the spread of COVID, it may irritate the skin. Consequently, the new trendy term ‘maskne’, meaning ‘mask’ plus ‘acne’, is going viral. Here are a few important things to learn about the new skincare phenomenon. What causes maskne? […]

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