Halloween Skincare Recovery Guide

Back in the day, Halloween was all about dressing up in themed costumes. Now, it has become possible to have a Halloween costume that is created solely out of makeup. Whether it be just a more intensified makeup look, SFX makeup, or face paint, Halloween has become the festival to display one’s artistic capabilities. While […]

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Sustainability in skincare

What is clean beauty? Terms like ‘clean’ can be vague as there is almost no clear definition of what clean beauty is. Brands may label products as natural or organic, but that just means certain ingredients used are organic, not the product as a whole. In the world of skincare and beauty, there is no […]

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Winter skincare

Winter Skincare Necessities

Winter is approaching and so is the constant change in temperature between harsh winter winds and indoor heating. The skin is affected the most in this weather. With the lack of humidity in the air mixed with the drying indoor heat, flaky and dehydrated skin becomes the new norm, and the need for deep hydration […]

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