MZ Skin’s Christmas Gift Guide

The past year has turned a spotlight onto the importance of self-care and pampering. As we approach the festive season, treating the skin to a pampering session will definitely make December the most wonderful time of the year. It’s the perfect time to gift someone (or yourself) the ultimate skincare collection. MZ Skin has put together a […]

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Antipollution Skincare

Why You Need Anti-Pollution Skincare

Pollution has a serious effect on our health and skin. It is known to be dangerous for the environment and for respiratory health, but recent studies reveal that it can cause premature ageing of skin. Environmental aggressors also contribute to acne, dull skin, puffiness, age spots and hyper pigmentation. Treating the complexion to a good […]

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Treat winter dull skin

Best tips on how to treat winter dull skin

When winter air causes the skin to lack radiance, there is nothing more important than nourishing and rejuvenating winter skincare to dissolve dead skin cells and keep skin glowing. The seasonal transition into winter often has an impact on skin health, making a good winter skincare routine essential to restore a healthy winter glow. There […]

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Self-Care As We Enter A Second Lockdown

In a time where disruption is causing stress and anxiety, having a simple but effective self-care routine can make you feel in control again. More and more, scientific evidence links skin health to mental health, exposing the positive impacts that self-care can have on stress and anxiety. For instance, there is a strong sense of […]

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