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Conde Nast Traveller Features MZ Skin Radiance & Renewal

Conde Nast Traveller features Radiance & Renewal in fruity beauty fixes

Conde Nast Traveller features Radiance & Renewal Instant Clarity Refining Mask for pigmentation! For anyone having pigmentation problems, Dr. Maryam Zamani cannot recommend this mask enough – its 10% concentrate fruit acid complex is ideal to refine pores, eliminate pigmentation and brighten skin.

“On the quest for a more even complexion, pigmentation sufferer Dr. Maryam Zamani has come to the rescue of many a damsel with this potent perfecting mask from her award-winning skincare line, MZ Skin. With 10 per cent fruit acids to visibly brighten the skin and the addition of papaya to exfoliate, this clever mask is designed to target pigmentation head-on. Deeply exfoliating, yet safe enough to leave on overnight, dull skin is banished for good.” – Elizabeth Whiston-Dew, Conde Nast Traveller.

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Credits: Conde Nast traveller.

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