Debunking Beauty Myths

When it comes to skincare we can be inundated with information which can be overwhelming. Dr Maryam Zamani runs through some of the most googled beauty myths.

Sleeping with make up on won’t damage the skin.

It is imperative to take your make up off at night. If you do not thoroughly cleanse your face and remove make up, dirt and dead skin cells will stay on the skin and clog pores which can lead to inflammation and spots, especially if you suffer from oily skin.

Leaving make up on whilst you sleep can cause oxidative damage. This is something which builds up during the day as particles from the environment (cars, smoke etc) build up and is absorbed by make-up. Leaving make up on doesn’t give your skin the opportunity to recover therefore weakening the skin’s protective barrier, leaving it more prone to premature ageing and wrinkles.

Drinking water hydrates the skin.

Water is undoubtedly one of the most important nutrients for the body. Although drinking water daily is key to your general health and will help release toxins there is very little scientific evidence which proves that it actually has any skin benefits.

Skin can be hydrated through one of two different ways. That is by natural oil production or topically applied creams, lotions, and serums. Ideally you want to use a cream with the appropriate about of occlusives (that which prevents water from evaporating from the skin) and humectants (that which draws water into the superficial laters of the skin).

Your skin type never changes.

Your skin type will change over the course of your life due to hormonal, environmental and seasonal factors.

Wearing the highest SPF is the best thing for your skin.

It would seem obvious that wearing a higher factor means you have more protection against the sun. However, beyond a certain point, wearing a higher SPF has little benefit as compared to wearing a lower factor. We advise wearing an SPF of atleast 30 , which blocks out 97% of UVB radiation. Factor 50 will only block out 1% more – i.e. 98% of UVB rays. 

You don’t have to wear sunscreen if it’s not sunny outside.

It is imperative to wear a broad spectrum daily, even when it’s not sunny outside. It is best to wear an SPF which protects agains both UVA and UVB rays as it is possible to burn even when the skies are grey!  Spending time in the sun without protection will lead to visible signs of wrinkles and dark spots. Sun exposure depletes collagen which functions to support our skin and is essential for skin firmness, elasticity and protection.

Cleansing wipes are the best primary method to removing your make up.

Actually cleansing wipes clog your pores with the chemicals they use in order to keep them moist. It is far more beneficial to use a gentle cleanser to take off your make up.

Facial oils clog the skin.

Facial oils will not clog your skin – they are brilliantly hydrating and can actually boost the benefits of your other skin care products.  It is best to use oils like avocado oil and products that have humectants.

Celia Burton


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