Going for Gold

With the Oscars and BAFTAs right around the corner, we all know what that means, it’s time for pre-awards skin prep. To make it easier for you, here are some top tips I recommend to getting your desired look.

With all the beauty treatments out there, it can sometimes be overwhelming and hard to choose exactly what it is you want and most importantly what your skin needs. Facials are great to rejuvenate and treat your skin whilst also allowing you to relax and destress, however the timing of a facial is just as important as what type you go for. I always recommend a facial at least 2 weeks prior to any event in order to let your skin settle to achieve that youthful, desired glow.

MZ Skin Light Therapy Golden Facial Treatment Device – The perfect at-home treatment to prep your skin for any event

Sometimes we are simply too busy with our hectic lives to find the time to get facial treatments. I have created an LED Mask which comes with the beauty of being used at home in your own time and in your own comfort. This LED mask has been created with 5 different coloured light treatments. Each light is targeted to treat your skin the way you desire. The healing combination of the LED calms and rejuvenates the complexion whilst visibly diminishing hyper-pigmentation creating a glowing, youthful and brighter looking skin.

Tips for getting youthful, sparkly eyes..

We call it beauty sleep for a reason. I always like to remind my patients how important sleep is. Our skin repairs and rebalances itself while sleeping. Lack of sleep can have a major negative impact on our complexions. The resulting symptoms can include a dehydrated complexion with dark eyes leaving skin looking dull and lacklustre so make sure you are getting those early nights prior to your event! MZ Skin Hydra Bright Golden Eye Treatment Masks have been designed with a complex of active ingredients to smooth and minimise the appearance of fine lines, containing collagen, hyaluronic acid and seaweed to brighten dark circles and restore hydration. I always like to place the masks in the fridge for 20 minutes to get a cooling effect, sit back with a book, relax and let these gold beauties do what they do best!


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