Halloween Skincare Recovery Guide

Back in the day, Halloween was all about dressing up in themed costumes. Now, it has become possible to have a Halloween costume that is created solely out of makeup. Whether it be just a more intensified makeup look, SFX makeup, or face paint, Halloween has become the festival to display one’s artistic capabilities. While the night of Halloween is always supposed to be the spookiest, it’s often the day after that is scarier. The aftermath of having Halloween makeup on the skin means waking up the next morning with highly irritated skin, usually a result of the night’s makeup not being removed properly. 


What happens if Halloween makeup isn’t cleansed off properly?

It is essential to be consistent with an effective skincare regime throughout the year, and Halloween night is no different. Sleeping in makeup any night of the year can clog the pores, which leads to inflammations and acne breakouts on the skin. Heavy Halloween makeup often consists of things such as face paint, glitter, glue, and other products that are highly irritating to the skin. Lack of proper makeup removal on Halloween night will leave the skin sensitive, irritated, and most likely inflamed.



What is the best way to cleanse off Halloween makeup?

The best way to cleanse off heavy Halloween makeup is to use products that not only remove makeup effectively but also deep clean the pores to get rid of additional impurities to help prevent the skin’s pores from clogging. The MZ Skin Cleanse & Clarify Dual Action AHA Cleanser & Mask is the perfect product to cleanse the skin on Halloween night. Formulated with a blend of fruit enzymes and Alpha Hydroxy Acids, it works to refine pores, remove dead skin cells, and boost cell renewal for smoother and more radiant skin. For a deeper clean, the cleanser can be used with the MZ Skin Natural Konjac Sponge. The sponge is suitable for all skin types and has the properties to stimulate blood flow in the face while exfoliating and cleansing the skin.



What are some other ways to recover the skin after Halloween?

Masks are another great way to treat irritated and inflamed skin after Halloween. A quick 15-minute mask can work wonders to relieve the skin of the unwanted effects of Halloween makeup. The MZ Skin Vitamin Infused Facial Treatment Mask contains a mixture of anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Liquorice extract and anti-oxidants such as Aloe Vera, Vitamins C and E, and Green Tea that combat and soothe irritation and inflammation in the skin. The mask also contains Hyaluronic Acid that helps hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. Once this mask has been used, it is recommended to pat in any excess serum leftover on the skin until fully absorbed.


Another mask option is a leave-on mask, which helps those looking for more intense skin recovery after Halloween. The MZ Skin Replenish & Restore Placenta & Stem Cell Night Recovery Mask helps nourish, brighten, and detoxify the skin. The mask contains a fusion of Phyto stem cells and nutrient-rich ovine placenta that helps repair the complexion while boosting collagen and elastin production in the skin. Using this mask as the last step of the skincare routine after Halloween will help recover the skin while also hydrating and firming it the next morning.




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