Lisa Potter-Dixon reviews MZ Skin

    Lisa Potter-Dixon reviews MZ Skin

    Lisa Potter-Dixon shares her “skinfluencers” review on MZ Skin!

    Neermal’s final thoughts:

    “Definitely better than products I’ve used previously. My skin definitely feels less oily and is clearer of my usual problem blackheads. I’ve always gone for products that would really ‘feel’ like they were cleaning my face deeply but on reflection I’ve realised that maybe this wasn’t the best match for my skin. Am not sure if after four weeks the cleaning benefits of the sponge have worn off. I’ve been careful to maintain its condition. Even though the eye cream left a whitish layer on my skin, I wouldn’t be against using it but would like to know why this happens. The brighten and perfect is a great product but I detest the smell of it. That said it wouldn’t put me off continuing to use it because the results were so great.”

    Lisa’s final thoughts:

    “Neermal’s skin looks smoother, more even and I feel like his dark circles have faded slightly. Loved the comments about the smell. We are so used to products smelling good, that sometimes that can make up believe the product is working when it’s not. This proves to me that the bright and perfect must be exceptional, which you would hope for that price!”

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