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MZ Skin partners with Philanthropic Fashion Retailer Olivela

MZ Skin is proud to announce its partnership with Olivela, the luxury fashion retailer founded by Stacey Bond that donates 20% of its proceeds to support the education of girls in developing countries. The story of Olivela begins in the refugee camps of Kenya and Rwanda, where its founder met Malala Yousfzai, Nobel Prize winner and human right activist. Malala fought for her whole life for girls education, in a time and place where nobody else would dare to, and she didn’t give up even when she was shot in 2012, in an attempt to murder her.

Despite the awareness that her book and Nobel Prize have brought to the situation, in many countries education is still inaccessible for many girls. Statistics show that young girls who get married before the age of 15 are 50 per cent more likely to be abused from their partners, and almost 3 times more likely to not have received an education. Talking to Malala and seeing the girls that had to endure war, poverty and forced marriage to pursue their education, Stacey Bond realised how much they needed the opportunities that we take for granted, and decided to give back.

That’s why when you shop at Olivela 20% of the transaction is donated to one of their partner charities, and on the website you can see the direct impact of your purchases measured in tangible metrics such as number of days of school your purchase will provide (eg. MZ Skin Hydrate & Nourish Age Defence Retinol Day Moisturiser provides 2 days of school).

Olivela’s partner charities include the Malala Fund – a non-profit organisation that invests in girls education and encourages them to reach their full potential, CARE – a major humanitarian agency that is focused on fighting poverty, and Too Young to Wed – a non-profit group that aims to protect young girl’s rights and end child marriage. Their goal is to help to break the cycle of poverty by providing education for girls, and MZ Skin, as a brand created for women by women, is proud to support them.