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NEW Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum

New Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum by MZ Skin

The latest addition to MZ Skin’s high-performance serum collection is the lightweight Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum with 2% Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Acid Complex.

Delivering instant and long-lasting moisture and plumping skin. Formulated with 5 powerhouse actives, the Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum instantly increases moisture while soothing inflammation and softening the complexion.

Packed with potent ingredients to deliver the best benefits:


Snow Mushroom hydrates, plumps and supports the skin’s moisture barrier. It aids natural collagen production and is gentle on the skin, even the most sensitive can enjoy it.

Reishi Mushroom deeply hydrates and detoxifies skin. It fights premature ageing, redness, and fine lines. Reishi Mushroom contains beta-glucans, a chain of antioxidant glucose molecules that are responsible for attracting water from the environment to your skin.


A plant-derived provitamin of B5 that helps hydrate skin and strengthen the skin. As a humectant, it attracts moisture to the skin and holds water in the skin, allowing the skin to produce moisture and hydrate from within.


Natural moisturising saccharide complex derived from apples; provides instant hydration; leaving skin feeling smooth.


Blending five types of Hyaluronic Acid with differing molecular weights, the high-power 2% Hydrating Complex allows the serum to penetrate the skin at different levels of the epidermis, promoting maximum hydration. Absorbing quickly, this advanced hydrating serum helps to soften and calm the skin leaving the complexion intensely hydrated, plumped, and dewy.

“This serum harnesses the power of Reishi and Snow Mushrooms, both brimming with anti-inflammatory benefits, from reducing redness and irritation to reducing scarring. The result – enhanced, beautiful skin with protection against inflammation, as well as a reinforced moisture barrier. It is perfectly formulated to stay true to the MZ Skin ethos – reveal, enhance, protect. “- DR MARYAM ZAMANI

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