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Q&A with Alex Vang

Beauty Influencer Alex Vang

This year Pride Month is extra special as it marks 50th anniversary of Pride London. To celebrate we interviewed Alex Vang to answer a few questions and share some inspiration. Alex is a content creator that has made it in the social media space and is an advocate for male representation in the beauty space.

1. How do you feel about Pride Month being celebrated each year?

This might be obvious but I’m proud. I’m happy we have a month to acknowledge the community and celebrate it in so many forms.

2. What are your thoughts on ‘coming out’ in the LGBTQ+ community and do you, yourself, have a ‘coming out’ story? If so, could you share this?

My “coming out” story was more of a process over some years. My sister, best friends and then my parents. I’ve never had a public coming out hence I found it unnecessary. I think it’s something very personal and should be done when and to whom every person feels like doing it.

3. Who are your biggest beauty influencers?

It’s hard to be dropping names. The beauty industry is huge and there are so many people that I look up to, not just for their recommendations, but also for they way they create content.

4. What is it like being a bisexual man in the social media industry?

To be honest, I think that the industry has been nothing but full of acceptance.

5. Does beauty & skincare play a big part in your daily life & work?

Of course, in my personal life, I’ve always treasured taking care of my body and skin. That for it was only obvious to bring this important aspect of my life into the content that I create.

6. What has your experience been like being a bisexual man in a mostly female-dominated industry?

The experience has been great. If there’s one thing I’d love to see more is representation of the male sex in the beauty ads, campaigns and the social media posts that the beauty brands post online.

7. Any words of advice you could share to the people in the LGBTQ community about ‘coming out’?

Do it yesterday!

8. What is your all-time favourite skincare & makeup product?

I get this question a lot but sincerely I can’t answer it. I don’t have a strict skincare routine. I always take into consideration how my skin feels and adapt it all the time. Not to mention I get to try so many products from so many brands.


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