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Refinery29 gives Rest & Revive Placenta Serum rave reviews

MZ Skin Rest & Revive Featured on Refinery29

While these may be controversial ingredients, ovine placenta or sheep placenta is most similar to man and full of growth factors that help with skin rejuvenation. It also contains many nutrients, making it the top choice for MZ Skin’s night serum. Combined with plant stem cells, Rest & Revive Restorative Placenta & Stem Cell Night Serum helps stimulate collagen and elastin– perfect for helping repair the skin overnight.

“Ovine and plant placenta stem cells are at the heart of MZ Skin’s Rest & Revive Night Serum, an ultra-light, moisture-boosting formula that stimulates collagen and elastin and has made my dullish, reddish winter skin look brighter and healthier — like I haven’t been boozing harder than ever this month and snacking on sugar gummies as I type this — in a mere two weeks’ time. In conjunction with the brand’s vitamin C serum, which has significantly reduced the melasma around my eyes after almost three months, I’ve never felt better about skipping foundation (occasionally).” – Alix Tunell, Refinery29. 

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Credits: Refinery 29.


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