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Should I Spring clean my skin care regime?

Skincare routine for spring season by Dr Maryam Zamani

Spring is in the air – hallelujah! And this means a different climate – excellent for the mind and soul but as with any change, can be tricky for our skin. To give us all a new season boost, we’ve asked Dr. Maryam Zamani if that means we should be changing up our skincare routine for spring (and other seasons, while we were there).

Reveal. Enhance. Protect.

“As we age, there are a number of factors that impact our skin: hormonal fluctuations (with pregnancy, menopause), accumulative UV exposure, external factors (like pollution, and environmental factors), and cell turnover rate decreases, to name a few. Due to the multitude of factors, we need to address the skin differently, as we may also need to do with seasonal changes.

Skincare is the first line of defence and the first line of attack to combat skin imperfections” explains Dr Zamani.

“Regardless of the season, commitment to a simple skincare plan is critical to successful results and I believe in the 3-pronged approach to skin: Reveal, Enhance & Protect the skin.

Such a program is actually critical year-round. Post summer holidays, this can help diminish and reverse damage done to the skin from UV exposure. Post Winter, chemical exfoliation with AHAs can quite literally sweep away dull cells on the surface of the skin revealing fresher, plumper ones – hello brighter, softer, fresher-looking skin.

You’ll also improve the efficacy of anything you apply afterwards, as the dead cells that act as a barrier to the active ingredients in your creams and serums will have been removed.”

Should you change one product at a time, or revamp your entire routine at the same time?

Zamani generally recommends that less is more and that relates to skincare as well. “I do not think you need many different products. I also think that if you need to change a product, it is best to do one product at a time to be able to assess skin changes and to stick to those changes for at least 4-6 weeks to see the most benefit”.

However, it is also explained that your skin can become less sensitive to certain products with continued use, such that side effects become less problematic with time. For instance, using a retinol infrequently and building up tolerance creates less reactive skin with cumulative use. If you stop using the retinol and then return back to it, you will see the side effects. The same can be said for most other effective skincare.

So, how do you know if you need to switch a product?

Generally, you can see some changes in skin with the changing seasons.

During Winter it is likely to need a richer moisturiser or more hydration from a serum, especially in the Northern hemisphere where it encounters the drying effects of central heating. This could be true in the Southern hemisphere during Summer, where constant air conditioning can suck moisture from the skin, causing an oilier complexion.

Of course, with the delights of Spring, pollen can also cause havoc to the eye area. To reduce any puffiness caused by spring pollen, give yourself a light massage around the eye area, helping drain away excess fluid. Using your ring finger, circle the skin around the eye bone. Doing this while you apply your eye cream will help it pack an extra punch. The MZ Skin Tone & Lift Facial Roller is a great device to do this for you, with a cooling effect too. Made with germanium, a key ingredient in activating and balancing the positive and negative ions responsible for ageing, simultaneously defending skin from surrounding environmental aggressors. Its added acupressure pods apply light pressure to stimulate the body’s natural self-curative abilities, resulting in skin that is less puffy, more even-toned and definitively radiant.

The MZ Skin Depuff & Define Contouring Eye Rescue is a high potency caffeine and peptide complex to counter fluid and fatty deposits that can lead to puffiness and bags. Cellular boosting and pigmentation correcting actives help diminish the signs of shadowing and dark circles.

Regardless of the season, SPF is critical to prevent accelerated aging and more importantly to decrease the risk of skin cancers.

We all know that UVA accelerates skin ageing and if you expose your skin to sun without protection, you will counteract all the nurturing you are giving to your skin.

If you do wear sunscreen each day, then generally it will require a double cleanse that evening to really shift those products from the pores. SPF and make up are formulated to stick to the skin. The first cleanse removes the stubborn product and the second cleanse can then actually deep clean the skin.

If you want to really boost your routine for spring, follow your double cleanse with a 15-minute gentle mask, which draws impurities out as it dries. The MZ Skin Radiance & Renewal AHA Refining Mask deeply exfoliates to help clear congested skin.  An 8.5% concentrate fruit acid complex stimulates cell turnover, refines pores and helps to eliminate pigmentation. Finish with your usual skincare routine.

But I’ve heard your skincare routine needs to be changed semi-frequently to be effective anyway? If so, how often should this be?

“There are certain core ingredients that I believe are essential for skin all year round such as antioxidants, Vitamin C, SPF. I think skincare consistency can be altered seasonally and there is of course more care that needs to be taken using certain skincare when there is significant sun exposure, for instance when you are holidaying. Otherwise, skincare should be continued year-round.

There are certain products that I think skin should take a periodic break from, such as the skin should have periods where it is not being treated with hydroquinone’s. As we have discussed, cleansers and exfoliators can also be changed with seasonal changes too.

Best to use hydroquinone products in the winter months and take a break in the summer. Similarly, retinols can be given a break in summer, if it’s more a matter of sun exposure and protection”.

The overall message?

Skincare has become intelligently formulated so you can layer individual products, or you can use products that are multifunctional. The best benefit to your skin is if you make a routine and stick to it. Consistency is key!


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