Skin Solutions

Reveal, Enhance And Protect

Did you know that MZ SKIN’s range is based on Dr. Maryam Zamani’s 3-step philosophy of Reveal, Enhance and Protect?

In-flight Routine

Join Dr. Maryam Zamani on her long haul in-flight skincare routine. ✈️ As the air in airplanes is dry, it’s essential to keep your skin hydrated and nourished with MZ SKIN essentials.

LED 101:

Dr. Maryam Zamani deep dives into LED technology, focusing on it’s application in skincare and why it is considered a game changer in skincare.

How To Minimise Pores

1. Use water-based products
2. Wash your face morning and night
3. Exfoliate
4. Always remove your makeup

Skincare Layering

Layering your skincare in the correct order will help your skin absorb products better

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