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MZ Skin Golden Facial Treatment Mask featured on Stylecaster

STYLECASTER features Hydra-Lift Golden Facial Treatment Masks

Who doesn’t love to wear an obnoxious face mask in-flight? STYLECASTER features MZ Skin Hydra-Lift Golden Facial Treatment Masks as one of the best! Our masks are saturated in nano gold particles, Vitamin C, and collagen to plump and firm the skin – perfect for those long flights!

“I get that it’s not (yet) a culturally acceptable way to combat skin woes, and may very well both scare and scar children, but even if the latter turned out to be true, it’s vital to remember that self-care isn’t selfish. And sometimes (read: always), self-care comes in the form of wearing the most obnoxious sheet mask one can find on an aircraft. (Or on Amtrak, or the subway, or the DMV. And yes, I’ve done it all.) Your skin may very well be the only thing to do so, but it will thank you.” – Christina Grasso, STYLECASTER

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Credits: Stylecaster.

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