The Art of Ritual and the Importance of Self-Care Management

    We live in a fast-paced society, and while it may seem that the pace has slowed down with a pandemic threatening our health, it has been a particularly stressful and difficult time for many. Finding time for self-care is ever more for both physical and psychological wellbeing. An effective way to get into the habit of methodically taking care of yourself is to introduce a morning and/or bedtime ritual that makes you feel better and does something good for you. In a long-term perspective, such systematic self-care rituals help cultivate self-empowerment, radiance and recharge as well as benefit our physical appearance. Here are three things to help create a healthy daily ritual.



    We know regular exercise has a myriad of cardiovascular and musculoskeletal benefits.  Exercise helps eliminate toxins from the body, improve circulation, decrease stress levels and helps improve sleep.  Working out allows the mind to refocus on the activity, clearing the head, and exerting ourselves physically to remove tension.



    A good skincare ritual is both a pleasant and purposeful experience and a commitment to a habitual procedure. Maintaining a consistent routine will not only provide cumulative benefits to skin but bring balance and awareness into life. Taking time for your skin can also have a strong, pleasurable therapeutic effect. Of course the synergy of having good skincare will add overall benefit to the skin; however, having a few minutes to spend on oneself can relieve tension and nurture the soul.

    To create the best alchemy for the skin, it is best to keep the simple principles: reveal, enhance and protect the skin. So, in order to reveal, skin must be sufficiently cleansed and exfoliated. A gentle AHA cleanser is a perfect solution to a clean, smooth looking skin. MZ Skin Cleanse & Clarify Cleanser contains a highly effective blend of low level AHAs to boost cell renewal on a daily basis without being abrasive. In order to enhance the skin, we need to nourish it with antioxidants, retinol and other key ingredients. At this stage, it is also useful to add a facial massage routine since it can stimulate the body’s natural self-curative abilities. MZ Skin Tone & Lift Facial Roller can help can not only utilise acupressure to gradually stimulate body’s key healing points but also reduce anxiety and negative mood.

    Finally, UVA and UBV lights counteract all the nurturing you are giving to your skin hence protection is key. MZ Skin Tint & Protect SPF 30 Tinted Moisturiser will leave the skin protected, luminous and with a healthy glow all year round.

    In addition, having an established step-by-step AM and PM regimen is thought to help get accustomed to applying skincare daily. For instance, having an oil-based retinol treatment that will aid skin’s natural repair system on the bedside table is an effective start to a systematic anti-ageing journey. We suggest MZ Skin night-time 2% encapsulated Retinol Skin Booster, which aims to increase the rate of skin turnover and amplify collagen production. As the very last step of the routine, apply 1 to 2 pipettes to face, eye contour and neck, close the eyes and gently massage the skin in an upward and outward motion. This will help relieve facial tension, create calm mind before bed as well as make a difference to the skin.



    Beauty sleep is not a myth! Getting enough of sleep is essential for the mind and skin; it helps recharge physically, rest the mind mentally, and detoxify and rebalancing the skin.  To support the natural cellular mobility and fortify the skin through organization of the extracellular matrix within the epidermis, we recommend MZ Skin Depuff & Define Contouring Eye Rescue treatment and Rest & Revive Restorative Placenta & Stem Cell Serum to help replenish moisture, detoxify and repair the skin during its nightly rejuvenation. Having a consistent routine that includes an 8-hour sleep together with a good hydrating, collagen-boosting eye treatment will help re-energise for the day.

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