The secret behind Niacinamide

    What Is Niacinamide?

    Niacinamide is a complex term for active and water-soluble Vitamin B-3. It’s an essential nutrient, which, aside from its skincare qualities, helps lower the risk of non-melanoma skin cancer. No doubt you can get your B-3 in the foods that you eat, like eggs, fish, lactose, and greens. Unfortunately, keeping a B-3 enriched diet does not ensure improvements in your skin health in particular. For that reason, including Niacinamide ingredient in your daily skincare routine will help ensure that your skin is getting all the Niacinamide benefits. So, here are a few things you need to know about this magical ingredient.


    How Can Niacinamide Help My Skin Long-Term?

    First and foremost, it rebuilds healthy skin cells to protect your skin against sun damage, premature ageing, and oxidative stress. The latter implies pollution, daily exposure to chemicals, smoke, and other dangerous biological contaminants. Overall, it’s a great antioxidant against all the nasty radicals and ozone. Niacinamide is also proven to reduce the existing signs of sun damage, minimise fine lines and treat hyper-pigmentation.

    Now, if you have oily skin, Niacinamide is an absolute must. It is believed to control the excess sebum production, which tends to clog pores and, in the long run, cause pimples and acne redness. Since Niacinamide ingredient is water-based, it does not only aim to regulate the amount of oils your skin produces but tricks it to minimise the production of sebum. All you get is a healthy balance of skin water and oil to keep that healthy glow. In case you are struggling with acne and acne scars, daily use of Niacinamide will transform inflammatory areas, like papules, nodules or pustules. Over time, your skin will get more elastic, smoother, and plumper.

    All in all, Niacinamide will provide you with a major hydration boost, rejuvenate your skin, reduce pigmentation and leave your skin smooth and radiant. All you need in one ingredient!


    When Is Best To Apply Niacinamide?

    As a serum, it can be used both in the morning and at night after toning and before heavier creams and oils. There have been some speculations in the cosmetics industry whether it is beneficial to mix Niacinamide with another very important anti-ageing and brightening ingredient Vitamin C. For now we can rest easy: recent research recognise that it is perfectly fine to combine the two. Moreover, when applied together, they address the problems of uneven skin tone, signs of ageing, and overall dullness with twice as much strength. Moreover, some recommend using Niacinamide together with hyaluronic acid as it can enhance product absorption. Something to note: when checking the product label, look for ‘niacin’ or ‘nicotinamide’ – these are just alternative names for the Niacinamide ingredient.


    Which MZ Skin Products Contain Niacinamide?

    Niacinamide can also be included as an ingredient with other products – that way you don’t have to worry about applying the wrong serum at the wrong time. Both our Hydra-Lift Face Mask and Vitamin-Infused Face Mask are saturated in Niacinamide to plump tired, lacklustre skin.

    They also contain hyaluronic acid for an even more hydrated, radiant-looking skin. Leave the masks in the fridge overnight and use them in the morning before make-up or as a brightening treatment to disguise lack of sleep. Clinically proven to work both immediately and long-term!


    Anti-ageing skincare products, like Niacinamide, are considered pregnancy and breast-feeding safe.

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