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As the weather becomes cooler and dryer, it’s important to freshen the skin and to give your skin a bit more protection from the elements. Just as you switch up your wardrobe to adjust to the frosty temperatures, now is the perfect time to transition your skincare from autumn to winter.  As the temperature starts to drop, so will the moisture levels in your skin, making caring for your skin even more of a priority. Due to the ever-changing British autumn weather, the constant switching between the chilly climate outside and the drier indoor heat can make caring for your skin an absolute nightmare! The wind and the cold can lead to redness, sensitivity and dryness, and can even cause cracks in the skin which will make saying goodbye to the summer that much harder. Here are some tips for enjoying the last remnants of summer and embracing autumn in all of its glory.

1- I absolutely recommend using light AHA based cleansers to help exfoliate the superficial top layers of the skin and to unblock pores.  (I like Neostrata’s glycolic acid wash and MZ Skin Cleanse and Clarify).

2- Winter skin tends to be drier as humidity levels drop and changing temperatures from dry indoor heating to colder outer weather can wreak havoc on the skin, making it appear more dry, red and sensitive.  I like to start with an antioxidant serum rich in Vitamin C to help protect the skin from UV damage while also working to combat pigmentation and even skin tone. I like serums because they nourish without making your skin feel heavy in the evening.  However,switching to a heavier hydrating moisturizer with an SPF of 30 during the day is also quite important.

3- In the evening, I highly recommend using antioxidant serums like Skinceuticals Resveratrol B E as a perfect addition to your evening routine.  Follow with hyaluronic acid rich hydrating moisturizers or serums to help replenish lost moisture and provide minerals and compounds, which help rejuvenate the skin while you sleep.  Using products containing Vitamin A and retinols will help repair damage caused from UV exposure.

4- Eye Cream: do not forget to treat this delicate area.  Dark circles and fine lines can be treated in the winter months with eye creams and serums.  This particular area of the face has much less capacity to create its own moisture, which facilitates the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Nourishing this area is key to maintain a softer periorbital area.

5- Extras:  Using hydrating masks to lock in moisture and give a little boost to help protect and enhance skin hydration.  In the winter months, I like to help skin repair from the damages caused by exposure to the sun including discoloration and dark spots with targeted treatments in the office.

From summer to autumn to winter, it is always important to take care of your skin!