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What are the differences between the MZ Skin LED masks?

LED differences

LED Mask – The launch of the MZ Skin LightMAX Supercharged LED Device has triggered the question of

What are the key differences between the two MZ Skin LED masks?

Well, first and foremost, the LightMAX LED Mask features:

 Two light settings, rather than five:

+ ANTI-AGEING MODE: RED (633nm) with INFRARED (830nm)

The red light helps stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to refine, firm and strengthen the skin. It also boosts luminosity through improved circulation and plumps the complexion.

The infrared light penetrates even deeper into the helping deliver a powerful reparative skin response to soothe damaged skin, reduce sensitivity and calm inflammation.

This setting provides the benefits that Yellow, Green and White light provide with the Light Therapy Golden Facial Treatment Device.

+  ACNE MODE: RED & BLUE (415nm)

The blue light has powerful anti-bacterial properties that help to decongest and clarify the skin, balancing a troubled complexion caused by p. acnes microbes. As with the anti-ageing mode, the red light also helps stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to refine and strengthen the skin. Boost luminosity through improved circulation and plump the complexion.

MZ Skin LED Mask

We completed our own individual clinical trials for this LED device, on 100 subjects

And we’re delighted with the results!

+ ANTI-AGEING MODE: RED (633nm) with INFRARED (830nm)

Clinically proven to:

+ Reduce wrinkle depth by 36% in 4 weeks

+ Increase collagen fibres in 2 weeks, improving fine lines

In 12 weeks:

98% of subjects reported firmer skin

96% of subject reported reduced fine lines

95% of subjects reported brighter and plumper skin

91% of subjects reported improved skin tone

82% of subjects reported smoother skin

73% of subjects reported softer skin

+  ACNE MODE: RED & BLUE (415nm)

Clinically proven to:

+ Improve inflammatory acne lesions by 77.93% in 8 weeks

In 12 weeks:

81% of subjects reported reduced acne lesions

How would I use each LED device for optimum results?

The LightMAX Supercharged LED Device only need be used for 10 minutes a day, 4 times a week for optimum results. Any longer than 10 minutes would be considered wasted energy; your skin would not absorb it.

In contrast, the Light Therapy Golden Facial Treatment Device can be used more frequently for 20-30 minutes across different light settings, depending on skin concerns, or the full duration can be spent on one lamp.

For both masks, it is recommended to be used on a clean, dry skin with all serums and moisturiser applied afterwards.

For the most relaxing experience we also recommend lying down and closing your eyes.

Why do I need to use the new LED device for less time?

The Supercharged LED mask features technology that is comparable to in-clinic light therapy, built to international medical standards. In turn, it emits greater energy output therefore reducing usage time and increasing results.

Are the wavelengths of light the same?

Absolutely! Science controls this. Red light will always be close to 630 nanometers and blue light 430 nanometers, plus or minus some. These are the wavelengths required to make the light blue or red, as we see them.

The LightMAX LED device has added convenience

Fully charged, the LightMAX Supercharged device lets you roam, freely. All you need is the remote in your pocket which automatically counts down the 10 minutes letting you feed the dog, chop the veg or get on with whatever else life may throw your way at that time.

The mask itself is more portable, taking up less space in your suitcase.

Increased comfortability for your light therapy sessions

Made from flexible silicon it envelops the contours of each face shape and the silicon eye moulds shield your eyes from the LED light making it easier to use for anyone with eye sensitivities or particularly mindful of using eye protection.

This LED mask is FDA cleared

For peace of mind, an LED device such as this is not required to be ‘approved’ by the FDA as it is not considered a ‘drug’.

You asked, we listened

For added luxury, the LightMAX Supercharged LED Device also comes with its very own MZ Skin branded dust bag.


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