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Which is Your Favourite MZ Skin LED Mask?

Dr Maryam Zamani has now developed not one, but two LED therapy masks in order to bring the salon home to you. Introducing the latest addition to our award winning at-home skincare devices – LIGHTMAX Supercharged LED Mask 2.0 – One of the first devices of its kind! Made from a patented flexible silicone material, the mask comfortably wraps around the face, providing the optimum amount of light for maximum results. The mask has two LED modes; anti-ageing using infrared and red-light therapy and anti-acne that uses both red and blue light therapy. The clinical trials revealed wrinkle depth was reduced by 36% and collagen fibres increased in two weeks!

The first LED mask Dr Zamani released the Light Therapy Golden Facial Treatment Device first and looks incredible with the gold-plated exterior. It has five LED wavelengths; red, blue, green, yellow, and white to target skin texture, tone, and firmness in one treatment. Use it 10 minutes per day, twice a week at first and can be increased to half an hour over time. The mask securely fits the face due to an adjustable strap at the back.

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