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Pantothenic Acid

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Pantothenic Acid, also known as Vitamin B5, is used in cosmetics as an anti-inflammatory and to treat other skin blemishes such as acne.  It is a water-soluble Vitamin that stimulates your skin’s healing processes, as well as being deeply hydrating and keeping the skin moist by absorbing moisture from the air.  High levels of this vitamin can be found in whole-grain cereals, eggs and meat.

Pantothenic Acid, also known as Vitamin B5, is found in many products such as whole grain cereals, eggs and meat. It is a water-soluble vitamin that has many benefits including lowering cholesterol, ensuring a healthy GI tract and helping the absorption of other vitamins.

It can boost skin health in two main ways; softening the skin and by acting as an antibacterial agent. Pantothenic acid is a humectant (a water binding substance that attracts and retains water) which stabilizes the skin barrier function and helps improves the softness of the skin. Pantothenic acid can also act to reduce itchiness and redness due to its natural antibacterial action and it’s barrier function

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