Light therapy has been used for over 30 years to heal the skin and stimulate collagen and elastin. The light re- charges the cells ‘energy battery’ and the skin is then able to use the energy as fuel to repair and rejuvenate damaged cells and boost the skins natural daily repair process. Discover more about MZ SKIN’s LED therapy devices.

LightMAX Supercharged LED Mask 2.0

LightMAX Supercharged LED Mask 2.0 is made from a patented flexible silicone material which comfortably wraps around the user’s face and provides the optimum amount of light for maximum results. It delivers a duo of light therapy to the dermis, which can help with a range of skincare concerns from laxity, redness, inflammation, blemishes and hyper-pigmentation. LightMAX Supercharged LED Mask 2.0 is FDA cleared device, with medical-proven wavelengths for treatments as a professional clinical machine.

With three clinically proved wavelengths – Red 633nm, Near Infrared 830nm and Blue 415nm, the device offers two light mode settings to target the different skincare concerns most effectively with optimum results.

MZ Skin_Clinicals_LED_2.0


MZ SKIN’s Light-Therapy Golden Facial Treatment device is a five-coloured LED light treatment that results in transformative radiant skin. The healing combination of the LED calms and rejuvenates the complexion while visibly diminishing hyper-pigmentation.

Each of the 5 lights in Light-Therapy Golden Facial Treatment device performs a targeted treatment, allowing you to create your personal treatment schedule  by offering the possibility to either use a single light to target a specific skin concern or use a combination of lights throughout the week.



The LightMAX MiniPro Eyeconic™ LED is the newest addition to the award-winning MZ SKIN range.

LightMAX MiniPro Eyeconic™ LED is the world’s first FDA Cleared, patented under-eye LED mask. Its dual approach technology combines active ingredients with the power of light-therapy to treat specific areas of the eyes for a supercharged eye care routine.

The LightMAX MiniPro Eyeconic™ LED provides the optimum amount of light for maximum results, delivering light therapy to the dermis with two clinically proven wavelengths – Red 630nm and Near Infrared 830nm – to stimulate collagen, reduce inflammation and visible signs of fatigue.



Q. What does a LED mask do?

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are small light bulbs that emit narrowband, low intensity light energy from the ultraviolet, visible and infrared part of the light spectrum. Light Therapy uses LEDs that target deeper layers of skin to stimulate cellular function and is clinically proven to stimulate collagen production, improve skin laxity and reduce pigmentation.

Q. Which LED mask is best for my skin concern?

MZ SKIN led devices each cover a wide range of  of skin concerns.

+ LightMAX Supercharged LED Mask 2.0 is clinically proven to reduce wrinkle depth by 36% in 4 weeks, and improve inflammatory acne by 77.9% in 8 weeks.

+ LightMAX MiniPro EYECONIC™ LED is the best choice to deliver targeted light-therapy to help reduce dark circles, puffiness and fine lines and wrinkles, under, and around the eyes.

+ Light-Therapy Golden Facial Treatment Device 5-light settings harnesses the healing combination of the LED to calm and rejuvenate the complexion, while visibly diminishing hyper-pigmentation.

Q. Is LED therapy safe?

MZ SKIN LED devices been tested and are compliant to international safety standards. Since devices don’t cover the eyes; eye protection isn’t necessary.

Please see the ‘Contraindications’ section of the product web page for full details.

Q. Why can’t I use MZ SKIN LED devices whilst pregnant?

None of MZ SKIN clinical trials are done on pregnant women so we do not know the affects it has on the baby. We have never heard of any adverse effects of LED and pregnancy, but we cannot be sureQ. Why do you need targeted Led

Q. How often should I use my LED mask?

Different devices have different suggested usages. Overall, for best results we recommend that you treat for 3-5 days a week for a minimum of 4 weeks.



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