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MZ Skin Christmas Gift Guide

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The festive season is now upon us!  The time has come to start making plans to celebrate with  friends and family, which means parties and endless amounts of food, sweets, drinks and late nights. As Christmas quickly approaches, a big stress is figuring out what presents to buy your loved ones. Christmas gifts are the easiest and most difficult things to buy as you want to buy something that will not only bring a smile to their face but also something that can last.

At MZ Skin we would like to make that daunting task a little easier. Here is a guide to buying the ultimate gift that will not only bring joy on Christmas day, but also a glow to the very special women in your life. Shopping doesn’t have to be a stressful dash to the shops and with this guide you no longer have to leave it to the last minute.

Lift & Lustre Golden Elixir Antioxidant Serum

The year has been long and the weather has been tormenting on the skin, with constant ups and downs. The chilly mornings commuting to work and the days seeming to never end can lead to a dull and strained complexion. Add the festive glow back into the skin with this illuminating day serum. The Lift and Lustre Golden Elixir Antioxidant Serum is perfect for instantly plumping and strengthening the skin making it picture perfect for the new year. This intensive protective serum noticeably hydrates the skin enhancing  radiance and will provide a ‘soft focus’ smoothing effect. It is the perfect beauty product that can be used as a primer just before applying your make-up and will add a sparkle to your skincare regime ready for all those holiday soirees.

Hydra-Lift Golden Facial Treatment Mask

This is a must-have in every women’s holiday pamper session. Christmas is the time to celebrate the people you love and to take that long-awaited time off to rejuvenate and prepare a fresh new start to the year. The Hydra-Lift face mask contains gold nano-particles that will penetrate deep into the skin to repair cells while simultaneously diminishing the dreaded signs of ageing. With active ingredients that have been proven to boost the production of collagen, this mask is the ultimate weapon against free radical damage to your skin. What better way to help your skin recover from the Christmas party the night before than to treat your yourself with this revitalising face mask.

Konjac Sponge

The all natural Konjac sponge is the perfect stocking filler for the women that already have it all. The addition of this 100% natural sponge is the perfect way to add a little extra care to anyone’s skincare routine. Free from chemicals and additives, the sponge gently exfoliates the skin to remove dead skin cells that can cause a dull and lacklustre appearance. It is not limited to just women; it is a great gift for all the men that take care of their skin and have been effected by the treacherous year. It can be paired with cleansers to re-balance the skin’s pH levels and increase blood flow and the simplest addition to any beauty bag.

No matter what you decide to buy for your sister, wife or friend, there is no better way to show your love than to gift her with a product that visibly protects and enhances the skin and, above all else, feels luxurious.


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