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Brighten & Perfect

Last month, I discussed important tools to maintain your summer radiant skin.  As I have just finished slathering on my SPF 50 on holiday, pigmentation is definitely on my mind.

Pigmentation refers to discoloration in your skin and can be caused when the melanin (pigment responsible for skin, hair, and eye color) production of your skin changes. The darkness or lightness of the skin depends on the amount of melanin produced by the skin cells. When skin cells are damaged by UV rays they can make too much or too little melanin causing uneven appearance of the skin. Dark spots are caused by overproduction of melanin while lighter spots are caused when less melanin is produced compared to the surrounding skin.


UV damage is the number one cause of sun spots. Sun spots (sometimes called Solar Lentigo) are caused by overexposure to the sun without adequate sun protection.

Other conditions, like Melasma, or diseases, like Addison’s Disease, can cause skin pigmentation issues as well. Melasma is a particular distribution of hyperpigmentation found on the face and can be caused by pregnancy, OCP and sun exposure. Hyperpigmentation can be superficial or it can be deep. Superficial pigmentation is easier to treat with an array of treatments, both at home and in the office. Deeper pigmentation is often more difficult to treat and necessitate prescription strength treatment and potential in office treatments such as peels, and lasers.


Daily use of SPF 30 is essential in your fight against pigmentation, sun damage and preventing skin cancers. Rain or shine, never forget your sunscreen!  And remember to constantly re-apply throughout the day and be generous with your sunscreen.  You are only protected if you have used adequate sunscreen.  Do not forget the hands, ears, lips and any bald patches.


A great way to improve skin tone, improve discoloration, and protect against free radicals and UV radiation on your own is with Vitamin C. Vitamin C products are becoming increasingly popular within the skincare industry and is an essential addition to skin regimes to achieve that glowing, even summer glow. Click here to get the Skinny on Vitamin C.

It is important to check the concentration of Vitamin C in these products. A 10-20% concentration is very powerful but also can have more side effects. It is recommended to start off at 3-10% potency and work your way up once your skin becomes more accustomed to it.

Vitamin C rich products are available as serums, moisturizers and cleansers. Serums are water-based, lightweight and quickly absorbed into the skin. They are easy to add to your regime as they can be layered with other products on the top.

Vitamin C can also be combined with other anti-ageing ingredients such as Vitamin E (UV damage fighting antioxidant), Hyaluronic Acid (boosts elasticity and hydration of the skin), or Ferulic Acid (combats free radicals in the skin).

My recommendations:

MZ Skin’s Brighten & Perfect 10% Vitamin C Corrective Serum is a must- have product! This serum addresses issues of hyperpigmentation, age spots and improves skin tone imperfections. Read more of its amazing clinically proven benefits here.

In summary, enjoy the sunshine but don’t forget your SPF while rain or shine, and invest in some great Vitamin C products to brighten up your skin. Happy August everyone!


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