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How can I spend Valentine’s Day in lockdown?

Valentines Day

With coronavirus lockdown restrictions still in place, it will come as no surprise that Valentine’s Day is going to be a little different this year. But love it or loathe it, it is always hard to avoid all the paraphernalia that appears for February 14, and 2021 is no exception.

The good news is, if you’re someone who usually runs at the prospect of an overpriced restaurant full of couples, then now is your chance to celebrate at home, in style. Whether it’s an elaborate meal, a bottle of something nice or an evening on the sofa with a romantic film, there’s no reason why this lockdown Valentine’s Day can’t be one to remember.

A virtual dinner date this Valentines?

Arranging a dinner date together via Facetime or Zoom, is an obvious choice. Plenty of our favourite restaurants are also offering delivery of fresh ingredients for the perfect home cooked meal. Follow this with a movie night or box set-binge using an app like Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party) which synchronizes video playback and adds group chat to your favourite streaming sites.

Valentine’s activity ideas

For those who would rather opt for an activity, letterbox cocktail-making kits or a cocktail delivery service are a great way to add novelty to another evening at home. Perhaps pair your Margherita’s with an at home Taco Box too.

Or, if you are relaxing on your own, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Saint Valentine or will his cupids bow in your direction!

Create an at home spa, courtesy of MZ Skin. Dr Zamani often is heard speaking of the benefits of a warm shower or bath to unwind followed by a nightly skin care ritual. She especially loves to take an Epsom salt bath infused with lavender oil to help relax.

“I think having 30 minutes to treat oneself helps to relax the mind and the body. A little home ritual every week will help relax you while pampering the skin. I love an exfoliating mask like Radiance & Renewal followed by a hydrating facial mask like Hydra Bright Golden Facial Mask, and if you have access to a Light Therapy Golden Facial Mask too, even better! Facial massage can also improve circulation, improve lymphatic massage and lighten your mood so always nice to incorporate when you are applying topical cream”.

“Packed with intelligently formulated ingredients rich in antioxidants, skin nutrients and retinols, skincare can help combat the visible signs of ageing, sometimes reversing them while also helping to prevent accelerated aging”. We could all benefit from a little bit of that this Valentine’s Day!

In fact, the MZ Skin brand was born from a sense of romanticism as Dr Zamani describes “it became part of my nightly ritual to relax. That continued through college and med school. By then Shiseido was my go-to skincare. I would study, workout, come home, shower, do my nightly skincare ritual, put on pretty underwear and pyjamas, and go under my duvet.  Then I moved to London and doctor brands were starting to pop up. I started using them but felt disinterested as I felt I was medicating my face and it lost its ritual aspect. I then started working with my own chemist to create my own formulas to supplement that routine. My husband (and still Valentine) was the one who put the idea into my head and said, “well if you like it, then why don’t you try your own complete formulations”. That was late 2013. In early 2014 I found a French formulator in London and together started making my creams. I would ask my patients and friends to try and tweaked them as I went along. That is how MZ Skin was born!”

So, whether it be a hot bath, or glass of wine and a good book this Valentine’s Day you never know who, or what is destined, and in spirit of positive and romantic vibes, we like the thought of that!


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